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A self-proclaimed “gypsy soul,” it is a wonder that Arianne settled in Utah after having spent much of her childhood living in South American countries and, particularly, the Dominican Republic.  Her heart yearns for the nomadic life of RVs and adventures through out the world.  Lucky for her, her new life motto, “embrace the weird,” encourages her to follow her passions, allowing for traveling, creativity, and fun.  Arianne follows her heart, writing her own rules and picking up new experiences along the way.  This new attitude towards life has led Arianne to compete in numerous cocktail competitions throughout the US.

PERSONAL FACT // Grew up in the Dominican Republic

FUN FACT // Competes in cocktail competitions throughout the US

BIGGEST INSPIRATION // Other bartenders

“VIDA Tequila is delicious and great to work with – it’s not too hot in alcohol and not too overpowering, it’s where you want it to be.  VIDA is beautiful with cocktails, beautiful on its own, beautiful with ice.”


Arianne Prina King_Pample This

Pample This


2 oz. VIDA  Reposado

.5 oz Luxardo

1 oz Grapefruit Juice

.5 oz Lime Juice


Shaken / strain in chilled coupe

Homemade ginger brew floater

Grated cinnamon / grapefruit peel garnish