With a father as a chef, it is no surprise that Josh entered the food and beverage industry.  Josh worked his way up from busser to bartender at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, where he had the privilege of learning about wine and experimenting with different cocktails for his frequent customers.  At Taqueria 27, Josh has the freedom to realize the tequila drinks of his dreams, constantly crafting new beverages that incorporate sustainable and local ingredients.  When he’s not reinventing the way people drink tequila, Josh can be found on the trails skiing, biking, or hiking with his two dogs.


ESTABLISHMENT // Taqueria 27, Salt Lake City, UT

FUN FACT // Had a third of his skull removed when he was a baby

PERSONAL FACT // Has two dogs, a Pitbull and a Boston Terrier

BIGGEST INSPIRATION // The competitive side of bartending

“VIDA is a great product on its own. It doesn’t need to be mixed with anything. Additionally, it’s always nice to support locally owned companies.”



Classic Margarita

1.5 oz VIDA Reposado

.3 oz lime juice

.5 oz cointreu

.5 oz agave

shake one ice and serve – fresh ice and salted rim glass

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