Natalie Hamilton

Natalie’s inquisitive nature has taken her down a path of learning and exploring, whether it’s through reading and studying, or gallivanting throughout the world in search of her next inspiration.  She’s been to almost every continent, being witness to various traditions and cultures, and collecting memories, smells, and flavors.  Natalie’s journeys have given her inspiration for her creative endeavors to compose music, write stories, and design original cocktails. 

ESTABLISHMENT // Tradition, Salt Lake City, UT

FUN FACT // Worked on a shrimping boat in Alaska

PERSONAL FACT // Is a classically trained pianist

BIGGEST INSPIRATION // Traditions and history

“I love VIDA Tequila because not only do they create a superb product, but they bring a new level of creativity and artistry to a growing industry in Utah.  VIDA reaches out to support professionals and share their idea and inspiration while delivering quality through VIDA tequila products.  It’s a tequila I don’t hesitate to recommend with the passion behind it that makes me happy to support VIDA.”




1.5 oz VIDA Blanco

1 oz lime juice

1 oz raspberry jalapeno syrup

muddled raspberries

fresh lemons

jalapeno infused watermelon


mint for garnish

shake with ice and then serve