Joey Cannella

Joey Cannella is cultivating the community

From day one Cannella’s and Taco Taco have been about family and bringing people together.  Owner Joey Cannella loves how he has created and cultivated spaces in which a strong sense of community thrives.  For Joey, it has been amazing to watch the local food and liquor scene evolve from when his grandparents opened their bar to now, with the enlargement of Cannella’s and the opening of Taco Taco under his tenure.  Joey has kept true to what his grandfather and father did in the restaurant industry: continuing to use fresh, local ingredients and cultivating a space for people to gather and to enjoy delicious food and wonderful company.  Cannella’s and Taco Taco are not just restaurants.  Instead, they are part of a larger family that has grown and evolved as time has passed and the community has changed.

ESTABLISHMENTS // Cannella's / Taco Taco

FUN FACT // Was in a band

PASSIONS // Food, music, family

PERSONAL FACT // His family has been influential in shaping the Salt Lake City bar and restaurant scene

“I like VIDA first and foremost because it truly is a smooth and delicious tequila.  Being a whiskey drinker, the Añejo is my favorite, but the Reposado and Blanco are some of the best I’ve ever consumed.  … We are fortunate to have VIDA in our community.”