Cortney is success embodied

Cortney started working in the restaurant industry when she was 14 years old, bussing tables at 350Main in Park City and working her way up the ladder to become the owner and operator of 350Main and Spur Bar and Grill. These past few years Cortney, has worked especially hard to remodel and grow Spur into a unique space in which people can hang out and relax; enjoy boozy breakfasts as well as late night eats; drink espresso at any hour; and sip fantastic wines on tap. Cortney will be the first to admit she’s a glutton for pain – she thrives on being busy and constantly strives to create the next best thing.  Though her strong work ethic may be intimidating, Cortney’s heart is big – so much so that she views the restaurant staff as her family and, as such, wants to establish a college fund for employees and their children.  When she’s not tackling a big project, Cortney enjoys spending time with her children, exercising, and participating in Crossfit. 

ESTABLISHMENTS // The Spur Bar and Grill / 350Main

FUN FACT // Has two kids

PASSIONS // Her children and her businesses

PERSONAL FACT // Played Division I soccer at the University of Utah

“It’s sooo good. It’s so smooth; it’s so easy to mix with; it’s so easy to drink straight.”